Looking For A Good Sample APA Research Paper Outline

There are different types of academic papers as well as academic writing styles that students may be required to write and use for classes. One such writing style is the American Psychological Association style. Before you begin your writing there are a few things you will need to consider:

Choosing a Topic

The topic you choose should be one that interests and challenges you.Your attitude on the topic may play a significant role in the effort you put researching on it. Focus on a limited angle of a major subject but ensure your topic is wide enough for you to write a complete paper on it. Avoid subjects that are technical, too specialized or have too narrow a range of materials source. It is advisable to consult your advisor before embarking on a full-scale research.

Getting an APA sample outline

Getting a good outline sample for any research paper type done in any academic style is as simple as entering the exact term on a search engine. You can also find outlines in many libraries, most university websites, and from asking your professor. However, for you to find a sample APA outline that you can use, you will need firstto be familiar with how one looks like. You will need to look for the following aspects

  • Page margins on all sides need to be one inch
  • Each paragraph should have a double space. Never use single spacing
  • The font that is preferred is the 12 points Times New Roman
  • The outline on the first page should contain the student's name, the guide, teacher or professor’s name’, course title, paper title, and date.

Making a structure

The purpose of making a structure is to aid you in thinking carefully through your topic and logically organizing it prior to writing. Check your structure and ensure there is a logical flow of thought from one point to another. The structure should have an introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

  • Introduction: Here, you will clearly state your thesis and research purpose. Explain your planned approach to the topic. Is this a comparison, a problem analysis, a factual report, or a book review? Explain the paper’s major points briefly and why it should be of interest to readers.
  • Body: The body is where arguments supporting your thesis is written. There is a common 3 rule: for every position you take, find three arguments to support them.
  • Conclusion: Re-word the thesis statement and make a summary of your arguments. Explain your reason for making the conclusion.