Johnny Cash Research Paper Thesis: Expert Hints

Thesis papers are all the same. Only the subject matter tends be different. The format and efforts to be put are constant for all research papers. Be it a science related thesis or something like, a thesis on Johnny cash. A thesis on Johnny cash would be for the ones who have music as their discipline. The songs of Johnny cash have been a topic for study because of the unique music as well as the context. The songs of Johnny cash represent how art can be used to articulate both beauty and graveness within the same frame. Even though Johnny cash had written his songs long ago, at the time of The Great Depression, when America was facing a hard time, some songs still hold true. His art is a fitting subject for research.

If you are thinking about writing a thesis paper on Johnny cash, here are a few hints of how to go about it.

  • Title
  • It would be a good idea if you give your thesis a specific title. It should obviously be one that has Johnny cash at its center but it can be about a specific aspect of the life and career of Johnny cash, or it can Johnny cash and his contemporary society. Even if you are writing simply on Johnny cash, give an attractive title so that your thesis is precise and not rambling. It helps in forming a point of focus.

  • Introduction
  • In the introduction it is necessary that you briefly describe the life and the coming of fame of Johnny cash. Any paper on him will be incomplete without some autobiographical details. It is advised that you also provide a discography of his work. Write brief paragraphs about his works emphasizing on the songs that are most popular. In the introduction you must also elaborate on your topic as well as on the genre of Johnny cash, which is country music.

  • Body
  • The body should have all the chapters arranged in order of significance that will be basis of your arguments. You must frame the chapters in a way that they have a sense of organic unity. One chapter should be dedicated to criticism of Johnny cash. The rest of the chapters can be as the topic of your thesis dictates. If you want guidance on chapters and sample topics.

  • Conclusion
  • This should be the concluding chapter where your thesis should come to proper end. If you have any comments, make it here.

There should be a chapter with acknowledgments and one with the bibliography.