Basic Instructions On How To Start An Apa Research Paper

APA format is one of the most standardized forms of writing the research papers by college students. Usually such writings illustrate the experiments and the investigation carried by them in the course of their study. They are written especially for subjects like Psychology, Sociology and Human Health.

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Basic instructions to follow while writing in APA style:

  1. Margins, Numbering and fonts: One inch margin should be placed at left ragging the right hand side margins. Indent should be set to ½ inch. Times New Roman font with double spacing should be used. Every page number should be displayed on the top of the right corner. A shortened version of the title should be used on the top left corner in caps. It will be in the running header.
  2. Organization: The proper sequence of writing the research is -Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, References and finally Appendices. Some papers do not have methods and results column; especially if summary and analysis section is written.
  3. Title page: Use proper case. Capitalize all the words except a, an, the, but, in, of, at, with, for, from, to, in, and, nor and of.
  4. Abstract: Write the term” Abstract” in bold at the top of the page in the centre keeping one inch margin at the top. Write it with a fresh page with double line spaces.
  5. Introduction: Again begin it with a new page without labeling heading “Introduction”.
  6. Methods, Results and Discussion: Under introduction, write the methods employed, results and then discuss the result under heading “Discussion”. Not necessarily, they should be written with bold faces and centre headings. New page is not mandatory to write this column.
  7. References: Start this section with a new page. Place it in the centre in bold. Enlist all the works that you have cited but in alphabetical order. They should be written with the first author’s last name. Ensure that you indent each bibliography entry in the second line maintaining double spacing.
  8. Citations: Cite all the information no matter whether it is writing quotes or paraphrases with the authors name and the year of reference. It should be done in the body paragraphs of the dissertation. There are different ways of writing the citations. Pick the one based on the nature of your thesis.
  9. Headings: The main section heading is written in bold faced and at the centre.
  10. Methods: It is the subsequent level of the research paper that is written in bold at the centre. All the relevant words start with capital letters as we write in the title.