Writing A 6 Page Research Paper Outline: Useful Recommendations

The outline for your paper is an important part of the task that you are about to perform. For a 6 page research paper there are specific instructions that will come in handy for you almost all the time. Some of these recommendations will not only work well for you as you are trying to write this research paper, but they will also come in handy when you are working on other papers too.

The following instructions will actually assist you present one of the best papers you have ever worked on so far, and in the long run you should be able to impress your teacher with your work, and earn higher marks for the same task too:

  • Choose a strong title
  • Determine the context of your discussion
  • Draft the outline for your work
  • Make sure you have credible sources

Choose a strong title

First off you have to make sure that you select a really good title to work with. An incredible title would be one that encapsulates all you want to discuss in your work. It should shed some light on the scope of your paper, so that it does not appear to be haphazard.

Determine the context of your discussion

A good discussion always has limits. This is something that you should probably know by now. There are certain limits that your paper will need to achieve for your marker to feel that you fulfilled the goals intended in your paper.

These are some of the most important things that you need to consider, especially when you are trying to ensure that you can do a really good job on this paper.

Draft the outline for your work

Having determined two of the most important aspects of your work, it will then be necessary for you to figure out how to move on to organizing the rest of the paper. This calls for drafting an outline. You should have a working draft when you are doing this paper. A working draft will make it easier to proceed and to get your work streamlined from one chapter or section to the other.

Make sure you have credible sources

Credibility is one of the other areas where you need to pay attention. It is important for you to try and ensure that your work stays credible throughout. Your resources and sources must be current, and should be relevant to the discussion you are having.