Research Paper Proposal Writing Guidelines For College Students

College writing is not always a smooth ride to all students, save for the lazy one who hardly attends classes to sharpen their literary composition skills. In higher learning institutions, students are required to not just engage in literary discourse but to also practically demonstrate what they are learning and this is usually done through research writing. Long before you are given the green light to do a term paper, you are supposed to do a proposal for approval. A proposal paper details what your study will be about, budget estimates and means of gathering and analyzing your data. It is on this premise that your tutor or supervisor will be able to judge if you are well prepared for the undertaking or if you need a little more training before venturing forth into practical studies. Well, based on how well your proposal is done, the green light to go out to the field and justify your claim is something every student will always be looking forward to. Thanks to the interesting bit of interacting with nature and people. It is time to query knowledge and phenomena. However, not all students will find the initial stages of proposal writing a smooth ride. In this article and to help those students who never make any progress beyond research proposal writing, are a few guidelines to guide you through even the toughest encounters, so let’s take a look.

Keep it simple

Before you embark on the actual field study, a proposal will always be precedence. The question is; why come up with a complex proposal which will only make your research complicated? Well, a study proposal should be very simple and short. Remember, precision is key, so don’t go so deep into details at this level.

Do not include findings and data presentation/ analysis

You will be doomed if you make this mistake. A proposal omits this section because it only pre-empts what you intend to study without going deep into the tenets of everything. Why include findings when you have not even been given the go ahead to conduct the study?

Project your purpose clearly

When you are supposed to partake on a field study, it is important that you have a clear goal in mind as well as the tools you will use to gather information. This is the time you should think of an abstract.