A Complete Tutorial On How To Select Research Paper Topics

Successfully writing a research paper relies on a number of factors not the least of which is the choice of topic. If you choose well you give yourself a decided advantage. Unfortunately the opposite is true. If you choose badly you make a solid rod for your own back. Here are some tips on how to select winning research paper topics.

  • choose a topic you care about
  • choose a narrow topic
  • seek advice from those who know
  • check out available research material
  • check out previous research papers

It goes without saying that if you choose a research paper topic which excites you or in which you have an interest in, hopefully a passionate interest, then you will find it easier to tackle the task. People who love the topic or want to study the topic they are writing about are more likely to do so with enthusiasm and get a better result.

Make sure the topic you choose is not too broad. There will be a word limit on your research paper and if you choose a broad topic there is no way you will be able to properly cover it in the space available. You could choose a broad topic but then select a small component or aspect of that topic. Make the task easier for yourself.

If you come up with one or more research paper topics you really like, before you start working on the project have a talk to your teacher or tutor. They may have some pertinent advice which will either encourage you to keep going or even steer you away to something else. It’s a bit like the saying that you should ‘go slow before you go fast’.

Once you have settled on what you think is the ideal research paper topic, do a scout around to see what sort of research material is available. If it's not available or if the quality of the research material is poor or difficult to access, you're making the writing of your research paper a much more difficult task. Check out the available resources first. Be sure of your resources.

And finally go to your school or college library or online and look for research papers which have been written on your chosen topic. You're not there to copy them but you can certainly learn from the work of others.