How To Create A Solid Korean War Research Paper You Can Be Proud Of

One of the major papers that you may be asked to write in school is a research paper. The main idea is to research a topic in relation to the Korean War. You will conduct a research study and then write your paper on your findings. It will discuss what you learned and you will use the evidence to help explain what you learned about it.

Conduct your research on the Korean War until you have come up with a solid statement that you will discuss in your paper. This will be your focus and these following steps will teach you how to create a solid paper to be proud of.

Creating your topic

When you have your focus, the next step will be to create a thesis statement which will be the exact topic for your paper and what the entire paper will revolve around. You will want to choose something that has enough information on it to write this type of paper and has at least three reasons to support it.

Developing your paper

The first part of your paper will set the stage. You will need to make sure that you give your reader the information that they need to understand your paper even if they have never learned about it prior. The last statement of the paper will be a thesis statement and will express the reason for writing the paper. When you conducted your research, you found out something that you will let your audience know about your paper. Decide on three of four reasons to support a claim. It can be something like, “so and so decided to join the war because…” you will then work to prove your claim. The paper will include at least three body paragraphs that will each discuss a different reason why that person decided to join the war effort. End your paper with a conclusion which will reiterate your main points again to remind the reader what the paper is about.

Proofreading and editing

Once you have your draft, you have to make sure that you proofread and edit your piece to ensure that it is free of errors. You never want to hand in a paper that has minor errors in it because you are losing points and you worked so hard. Don’t lose points for stupid errors.