Crafting A Strong Research Paper On Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal


If you're a strong advocate of gay rights, and you're thinking of writing a research paper in support of the legalization of gay marriage then you will have to come up with very strong points and some serious arguments because the opposers of this law are in huge numbers, and they have a very strong argument to support their claim. Now to write a strong research paper with a valid and comprehensive point it is imperative that you follow these guidelines/steps so that your opponents have no counter-argument, and they will be forced to embrace your point of view.

Freedom Provided by the Constitution:

You can start by pointing out that how the Amercian constitutions and the laws around the world state that every individual no matter how different is entitled to freedom of speech and action and that pursuit of happiness is the right of everyone.


Love is a natural and basic human instinct. By denying gays the right to marriage, the authorities are going against the law of nature but in the end, nature has its way of balancing things and finding the right course of action.

Increase in Marriage Rate:

One of the most severe problem being faced by the European and American communities is the increasing rate of divorce which is alarming, to say the least. However, the legalization of gay marriages could help in improving the numbers as many people will get married to the person they love and, as a result, there will be very few failed marriages.

Decrease in Suicides:

From a very early age person with a different sexual orientation is bullied and harassed. This has a deep psychological impact on a person from a very young age. Now gay people also suffer from discrimination in their jobs or for searching a job. All this leads to a mountain of frustration and results in a person either getting addicted to drugs or even worse, taking his life which most of the American teenagers prefer to do.


Whether people accept it or not, gay marriage is a reality that cannot be ignored. That being said, if you include the above-mentioned points in your thesis, you will present a strong argument for legalization of gay marriages that even your opponents will agree on and possibly change their stance.