How To Write A Conclusion For A Research Paper On The American Lifestyle?

American lifestyle is typical. Americans who grow in their home country have strong desires to bring more speed to their lives to enjoy freely. The conclusion of the research paper must mention the same factors and points which are already stated in the introduction. This thesis statement needs to be placed in the conclusion highlighting certain reasons of the changes in American style. However, the conclusion must not be packed with the new issues or unknown facts. Therefore, through the draft making and table work, you will have to reshape the last part of the academic content based on American lifestyle.

Few Facts

  • Precise the content
  • Make summary
  • Integrate all major facts to place in the conclusion
  • Restate what you write in thesis statement in introduction

Sum up Major Points and Facts in Conclusion

In the concluding paragraph, content writers must have expertise to reorganize same issues and facts precisely. He will have to do the synthesis by bundling up visible points to present within a short framework. The thesis statement should be presented in a different way. Americans live in an opulent society where luxuries and comfort are in plenty. The air of freedom flows smoothly boosting up both men and women to live together. That’s why; American teens are smarter with boldness in their characters. They are maverick and confident. They are rich and they are also liberal. However, when they get materialistic success, they are also suffering from cultural deterioration, pollution and psychological disorders. In the conclusion, you should craft the thesis statement boldly. The concluding part should motivate an aspirant reader to evaluate your views. Well, it also depends on your presentation skill, analytical power and efficiency to compose the content strategically.

Keep Flow and Continuity While Formulating Conclusion

Conclusion of the academic paper should not be detached from the introduction and the body of the content. Readers will proceed step by step and lastly they will read the last part of the content. What they gather facts and ideas must be refiltered once again. They have to take the feedbacks of the author. The conclusion should give a precise summary showcasing cluster of major points including the writer’s opinions in the long run.

Americans never spend their weekends by idly sitting in their bedrooms. Well they are dynamic and crazy because of their fast lifestyles. They blew million dollars for gambling, buying precious jewelries and undergoing international trips. So their busy schedules make their personal lifestyles fast. For this reason, they are quite different from people living in other countries. Write fluently all your opinions and ideas to enable readers to have good familiarity with fast American lifestyles.