Hand-Picked Research Paper Topics About Terrorism

The world has no place for destructors. However, in reality, there is replacement by admitting the forceful encroachment of hooliganism, terrorism and racial profiling. Well, in the research paper, you should explain causes and effect of the heinous terrorism. The earth is being burnt in nuclear explosions. Recent events can be selected to sketch the situation in the world.

Highlight Recent Incidents in Your Content

Hezbollah is an anti-Zionism organization. It has large and powerful army to participate in different anti-national missions. The activity of Hezbollah in Lebanon and Israel is condemned by Saudi Arab. The Arab World has been formed because of terminating the global presence of Hezbollah terrorists. Hezbollah is also fighting with ISIL terrorists. On the other hand, Assad, the president of Syria has undergone a collaborative venture in unison with Putin to invade the ISIS controlled zones. Aleppo in Syria is now hoodwinked in the strong odor of chemical weapons. Putin has ordered Russian troops to start house to house attack for killing ISIS terrorists in Aleppo. Mosul in Iraq is the headquarters for ISIS terrorists. They control this city. Kurdish troops are backed up by Western allies to capture Mosul and Raqqah in Syria. This counter insurgency and terrorism are becoming destructive to wipe out million citizens. Find the possible reasons of such severe tussle in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. The side effect of terrorism has forced 2 million refugees to flee to borders of Turkey. America and EU have declared billion worth rehab packs for Turkey to take care of asylum seekers.

Describe the Roles of Different Terrorist Groups to Boost up Insurgency

Enlarge the research content by bringing the snapshot of South Sea. Chinese military will never spare Pentagon to pass through South Sea. White House claims that passage of free navigation in South Sea should be valued by Beijing. The intermediate long range ballistic missiles and inter-continental nuclear warheads of China will traverse to cover New York and other American cities if America fails to maintain lucidity in dealing with South Sea. North Korea has not been restrained from exploding mini nuclear bombs as a part of trials. All these factors have close proximity with the acceleration of terrorism in Europe and Middle East. The land reclamation in South Sea, Kurdish revolt in Iraq, and the server supremacy of ISIS to establish Islamic regime all over the world imprecise the tension . Kurdish troops are hackled by ISIS terrorists in Mosul and Raqqah.

Political Gambling to Accelerate Insurgency

Assad is playing with fire by terminating dissidents with the support of Putin. Will White House take the advantage? Kerry, the US secretary, has called Arab World for compromise for the sake of pacification in Middle East. Libya is now a dead country. Tripoli is a desert. Gaddafi was smashed with a missile by American allied force. Will Assad be leveled with the ground by insurgents to enhance the tranquility ending the dictatorship? Quote statements of eminent scholars and political big brothers who give authoritative opinions about insurgency.

In conclusion, specify possible solutions to reduce the terrorism in the world. America and Russia must not be dealers to sell missiles with fleets of jet fighters to encourage others to brew up global insurgency.