How To End An Academic Research Paper Conclusion

One of the worst things that you can do when composing an academic research paper is to write a poor conclusion. This is the last thing that your audience will read and your last chance to make an impression. Therefore, you want it to end on the right note. Here are some things to remember as you end the conclusion of your academic research paper.

Keep the Format of a Conclusion in Mind

Every part of an essay can be broken down into several parts. In the conclusion, you will often find a summarization of your main topics, the thesis, and the ending statements. The summarization will appear first, followed by a re-statement of your thesis. Then, you will need to make ending statements that leave your readers intrigued.

Remember Your Purpose

You began composing your academic paper with a purpose, whether it was to persuade your audience, inform about new ideas, or something else. You should keep this purpose in mind. If you were trying to persuade your audience, then you will want to include a few more facts to prove your point. If you were trying to inform them, you may want to spur your reader to complete their own research on the matter. Leave them thinking to make an impact.

Leave the Reader with a Sense of Closure

Another thing to keep in mind is that the conclusion should make the reader feel as if the essay has come full circle. This means that they should feel a sense of closure. Additionally, all of the information your provided and your reasons for providing the facts that you did should be clear. If they are not, you will need to rewrite your conclusion, or possibly provide better organization for your entire essay.

Conduct Additional Research

In some cases, the right way to end is with a surprising fact, or a quote about your topic. If so, then do not be afraid to find a few more facts before you finalize your paper. Doing this can leave readers wanting more, so it is a good idea for informative essay or those that are ended with a call-to-action.

Do Not be Afraid to Rewrite

Sometimes, you may finish writing your conclusion and feel dissatisfied. If so, then you should attempt to write the conclusion of your research paper again. Remember that rewriting is intended to improve your writing and it does not mean that you failed in the first place.