List Of The Most Interesting Research Paper Topics On Korea

  1. The differing role of the many nations and individuals that were involved in the conflict that took place in the Korean Peninsula from 1950 to 1953.
  2. Examination of the effectiveness of western countries becoming business partners with South Korea. Analyse the possibilities and make recommendations.
  3. Research into the ongoing effect of the Korean War on the hostilities that continue to persist along the 38th parallel that divides North and South Korea.
  4. South Korea has embraced capitalism and is well on its way to economic growth, which currently means that it is on par with some of the smaller economies in Europe. What other effects has globalization had on this area?
  5. Discussion into the way that the role of women in South Korea has changed over the past several decades? What can the changes be attributed to and assess how they have adapted.
  6. Research and make a comparison of the different lifestyles of the North Koreans in comparison to their neighbours in the south. Focus on government, workforce and health.
  7. Discuss the possibility of the future of South Korea in the context of its past, current democracy, corporate restructuring, future political relationships with other countries including North Korea.
  8. Since the 1960's South Korea's economy has boomed. Was this due to fortunate timing or careful planning? What documentation is there that can support these claims?
  9. By tradition Koreans (South Korea) have traditionally followed the teachings of Confucius which teaches that men have superiority over women. How have the roles of men and women changed?
  10. South Korea has a very strong interest in Technology as well as in its own environment. To that end discuss the possibility of the introduction of successful marketing of the H car in South Korea.
  11. During the Korean conflict America suffered over 36,000 casualties, of which 8,215 are still missing. How have families coped with dealing with the unknown fate of their loved ones?
  12. Discussion of the conflict between North & South Korea that continues to this day that is embedded in their precedence for economic, political and social competition.
  13. What was the role of General Douglas MacArthur during the Korean War? Did his role in the conflict actually prolong the conflict? Why was he relieved of his command?
  14. What was the cause of the financial crises in Korea that resulted in the IMF (International Monetary Fund), provide a huge assistance program. What were the conditions and specifications that the IMF made regarding the support?
  15. It has been said that during the Korean War, that Chinese forces supported North Korea, more so because they were concerned with their own position as opposed to helping a communist ally. Provide evidence and discuss.