23 Interesting Controversial Topics For A Research Paper

Every time you have to write a research paper you find yourself in front of a very difficult decision: what topic should you choose this time? You discussed about different ideas during the years and you don’t want to repeat any of them. Besides, you have to be original if you want to impress your professor and colleagues. Well, if you are stuck you can take a look at this list:

  1. Is Marijuana helpful? You will be surprised of how many benefits Marijuana can actually have. It can improve your power of concentration and relieve pain.
  2. Different payment for men and women. Why women get paid less if they work in the same way as a man?
  3. Workaholics. Believe it or not, there are actually people who work too much. For some reason, they give up their personal life and dedicate themselves entirely to work.
  4. Teenagers with social anxiety. You have the chance to help some of your classmates, so be careful what you write.
  5. Sexual education in school.
  6. Uniforms. Do you think that uniforms could help students who have a bad financial status?
  7. Paying for your homework. Should this be accepted by your professors?
  8. Clones. Present some scientific information and discuss about the morality of this action.
  9. Child marriages. In some countries, children who are 14 years old or less are forced to get married.
  10. Are religions misogynistic?
  11. International students. Should they be allowed to study for free in your country?
  12. Should religion be present in schools?
  13. Animal cruelty. How can it be prevented?
  14. Underage drinking. Explain the possible consequences of this action.
  15. Social media addiction.
  16. Discussing with children about their sexual life. Should parents do this, or leave it for the teachers?
  17. Homeschooling. Can this make a teenager antisocial?
  18. Online tutoring. Discuss about how safe this is for young students.
  19. Internet banking. Is it safe to use it? Can we become victims of hackers?
  20. Interracial marriages. People from different cultures and background can have a happy marriage?
  21. Obesity. How can you warn someone about this danger without offending him? Is it acceptable to discuss with other people about their weight?
  22. Tattoos. Are tattoos a form of art?
  23. Moving to a new country. What should you watch out for?