A Set Of Fresh Topics For A Research Paper On Genetic Engineering

We still haven’t accustomed to such terms as genetic engineering and biotechnologies. Yet, as it is a very promising field to conduct research in, there are plenty of research papers topics being created every year with every new intention. This field is much more than GMO and cloning, and any paper on GE may become a new discovery, so the process of choosing a topic is tremendously important.

A List of Fresh Genetic Engineering Research Paper Topics

Narrow topics change, but general ones always work. You can continue the topic you had for your previous work, use some of the following or narrow one of them down and do your research on it.

  • Genetically engineering a child: when does the idea get wrong?

  • Advantages and disadvantages of human cloning in future.

  • Should the government ban cloning?

  • The current state of genetic engineering and possible prospects for the future progress.

  • Can genetic mapping help us learn more about extinct species?

  • How can biotechnology help us save endangered species?

  • Stem cells: what help can they give to the human health?

  • Multi-cellular biological machines as a part of our future.

  • The process of plants’ genetic engineering aimed on the manufacturing of new medicines.

  • The contribution biotechnologies have made in our up-to-date progress.

  • The role of DNA in the fight against chronic diseases.

  • Genes’ transferring: how to induce a desirable feature from one organism to another?

  • New genetic methods of animal breeding.

  • Tissue culture: future prospects.

  • Agro-biotechnology: current state and prospects of development.

Why Is the Topic Choice So Important?

Many works have already been written, many of them became great discoveries, others became unproved theories. That’s why you have to choose a quintessential topic, which is of your deep interest, but is also reliable for our time. Even if it seems simple, you may accidentally find something that will become your great contribution to the field of biotechnologies.

Genetic engineering is a great part of our progress and future. It can be used in many industries and make our life more profitable and less harmful for our planet. With this thought in mind, make sure you choose the right topic for your research paper.