Good Sociology Term Paper Topics: 25 Problems To Discuss

The ease with which you tackle your sociology term paper will depend on the topic you choose. An interesting topic makes research interesting and enjoyable. Other topics will only give you a rough time looking for resource materials and writing about a topic that is not interesting at all. Here is a list of 25 problems you can discuss to make your paper interesting.

  1. The sociology of assimilation as students join college
  2. The consumer culture fueled by shopping malls
  3. Gender stereotypes exhibited in relationships
  4. Insane beauty standards and their effect on self esteem
  5. Why men beat up women
  6. Is it right for a woman to propose to a man?
  7. Is there a relationship between wealth and low ethical standards
  8. Is feminism responsible for moral degradation in the society?
  9. Should name change be allowed so that children can choose according to their desire
  10. Which is more important in the society today; beauty or brain?
  11. If your brother or sister turned gay, would you demand that his rights be protected?
  12. Is poverty a cultural, mental, or social issue?
  13. Who is the real father of sociology?
  14. Should the society be interested in sincere love and care for children instead of focusing on whether the family is single, gay or made up of man and woman?
  15. What is the effect of social media to the society?
  16. Should the society give more visibility to intersexuality?
  17. The family is founded on the urge to be responsible
  18. Repression costs more than liberty
  19. Good does not always follow from good and neither does evil follow from evil
  20. Responsibility is an inevitable result of truth
  21. What are the warning signs coming out of homosexuality?
  22. Which is the ideal social setting for children; metropolitan or urban life?
  23. The increase in depression cases is driven by increased materialism
  24. Adoption is not the best option for children
  25. Is eternal bachelorhood the best life?

Beyond choosing an excellent topic for your term paper you will need to polish it as you read more and refine your area of study. Do not concentrate on the phrasing or the words to use at the beginning. Capture an idea and read more about it from the library, journals, internet and books before developing the actual topic. This ensures that there is a connection between the content of your paper and the title you choose.