Research Paper Topics In Physics: 20 Unique Suggestions

Having trouble coming up with a great research paper topic in physics? This list of unique suggestions makes for a great starting point for your own study or for inspiration to develop your own ideas:

  1. In what ways are scientists working on creating a miniature sun within a lab and for what purposes?
  2. Are the concepts behind time travel plausible or purely hypothetical? What studies are underway to prove or disprove this theory?
  3. What metal technologies exist today that can drastically change the ways automobiles are designed to save fuel?
  4. How do Newtonian principles apply to the technology being used to create safer situations for drivers and passengers in car crashes?
  5. How are physics being applied to architectural innovations used in the development of skyscrapers and other large buildings?
  6. How are the physics of sports used in designing new and safer equipment to prevent player injury on the field of play?
  7. What are the physics behind bungee jumping? How do physical laws allow for the safety of the experience?
  8. What are the physical aspects associated in the sport of fishing and how has the technology changed over the years because of physics?
  9. How does our knowledge of how tidal waves are formed help in the way we can predict their occurrence and better prepare seaside communities?
  10. How can advancing technology used in wind turbines increase the cost-effectiveness of wind power to become the major source of energy?
  11. How are rainbows created in the sky after it has rained? Do these properties apply to other phenomena involving water?
  12. Provide a case study for the most effective ways to design and build amusement park rides that are safer while still maintaining a high level of excitement.
  13. What are the physics at work that go into gymnastics? How does the understanding of these properties affect the training of athletes?
  14. What are the hidden dangers in electrical wiring in homes built in the early part of the 20th century?
  15. How are buildings being designed to improve energy conservation? Is the technology and education readily available to all?
  16. Discuss the different branches of physics and how each one has evolved into what we know and study today.
  17. The Bluetooth was invented in the late 20th century and is considered a product made possible by physics. What are the physical laws of the technology?
  18. Explore the physics involved in the production of sound waves along with the effects sound has on the human ear.
  19. What is String Theory and how it relates to the exploration of time travel? What was Albert Einstein’s take on the possibilities?
  20. What are the physical laws involved in the occurrence of earthquakes? What can we learn about early warnings through the study of past earthquakes?