List Of 18 Up-To-Date Research Paper Topics In Electronics

Finding an appropriate research paper topic is the biggest challenge in any course. The challenge is even greater if it is a field such as electronics – one which is constantly undergoing change, introductions and novelty every now and then. Here are 18 appealing and up-to-date research paper topics in electronics to get you moving:

  1. Internet of Things – Internet of things is about connecting everyday objects so that they can send and receive data, using electronic medium to improve communication.
  2. Artificial Intelligence – Though a used topic, this will never cease to be relevant. Develop your thesis topic and see what interesting angle you can give it.
  3. OFDM - Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing is a system of writing digital data on numerous carrier frequencies. The importance and need for OFDM has risen due to the widespread use of digital technology.
  4. Robotics – Robots are no longer an object of awe but are being used on a regular basis for serious work. Researching on the subject could involve seeing the future, problems and addressing such issues.
  5. Gi-Fi Tech – Faster than Wi-Fi, Gigabit Wireless can be the future of wireless communication – if yes, then why hasn’t it achieved similar heights of success.
  6. Quantum Processors – Large scale organisations are gearing up their quantum processors, claiming that its functionality if beyond the understanding of classical physics.
  7. Transparent Electronics – A topic that is keeping master minds at leading universities of the world busy is also one that you can work on.
  8. Machine Learning - These are algorithms which enable computers to learn from their past experiences is not likely to cease growing in the coming years.
  9. Light Emitting Polymers – As LEDs continue to replace all other forms of screens, the development of light emitting polymers is nothing less than obvious.
  10. Neural Processors – The need for advanced computers everyday makes it imperative for neural processors which are nothing but computers mimicking the biological functions.
  11. Electro Dynamic Tether – From cleaning space junk to industrial uses, electro dynamic tethers are worth studying owing to their increasing demand.
  12. Swarm Robotics – Identifying and predicting the uses of swarm robotics for easier living and work could be an interesting thing to study.
  13. HAAPS – High Altitude Aeronautical Platform Stations need to be developed further and a need for research in this regard is being felt.
  14. Point and Paste Technology – Aiming to smoothen and make the process of data transfer faster, the point and paste technology is grabbing a lot of attention.
  15. Bio Medical Signal Processing – A research in signals and processes, this one will contribute in patient monitoring but some results are also derived for work in the field of engineering.
  16. Instruction Cache Compression – Better code compression would mean less expense and system dying area.
  17. Alternative Lighting Solutions – An example would be radio frequency light sources. More would be necessary as traditional sources of energy become less available.
  18. E-waste Management – Though not intrinsically related but a crucial issue is that of handling the waste generated by the electronics field.