15 High School Term Paper Topic Ideas You Should Explore

High school term papers often account for a large percentage of your grade. For this reason, it is best to begin planning weeks in advance. The first thing that you will need to do is choose a topic. If you want to spend the next few weeks working on something that you are passionate about, now is the time to choose a topic to explore that actually interests you. If you do not know where to get started, here are 15 different ideas for your term paper.

  1. Cheap Labor and Exporting Jobs- Many companies in the United States have factories in undeveloped countries where labor is much cheaper. Is this unethical or should workers be grateful for the opportunity to work?

  2. Fair Work Wages- A lot of big companies save money by paying out minimum wage. However, these companies also do not offer employees full-time work. Should there be a minimum for annual earnings, instead of just for hourly work?

  3. Human Torture- Is there ever a time when human torture should be justified? Can the number of lives at stake be quantified as a reason for or against torture?

  4. Road Rage- What is it about driving that makes people so impatient?

  5. Profile of a Suicide Bomber- Is there a specific type of person that becomes a suicide bomber? Should these people be profiled?

  6. Infidelity in Marriage- There are states where cheating is illegal, but charges are rarely brought about. Can a law that is unenforced be a law, and should cheating be punished?

  7. Accidents and Airplanes- Should airplane companies be held responsible for accidents and should families of the injured and killed receive compensation?

  8. Education Exams- Are exams an effective judge of a student’s learning ability? How can students be tested without a test?

  9. Church Arson- Should the burning of churches be considered a hate crime against a religion?

  10. Paparazzi- What is the line between reporting and slander? Should limitations be placed on the paparazzi?

  11. Public Figures- One of the downsides of living in the spotlight is having your private life exposed. Should this be legal?

  12. Racial Bias- Does the news favor white citizens of the United States?

  13. Lead Poisoning- Lead poisoning from Chinese imports is a problem lately. Should America stop importing toys from China?

  14. Treatment of Veterans- What is the rate of homelessness in American veterans? Should they be taken care of because of their service?

  15. The Health of Models- Models are idolized in the eyes of many Americans. Should there be a minimum weight limit?