13 Great Ideas For A Winning High School Research Paper On GMO

Genetically modified organisms are a hot debate ever since the first scientist made his successful experiment. Even though most of the technologies and advancements science makes are for the betterment of the humankind, but still they may or may not be used in their best interest. The same is the case with genetic engineering. Scientists might see it as an incredible step towards replicating and improving nature to help the world but in a capitalist society, it is impossible to stay away from the exploitation of poor from the rich.

The case is similar with the genetically modified foods. The opposing arguments have many different stances against the GMO production. The idea of they not being labeled and only controlled by a few production groups is frightening. Those in favor of GMO claim that this is a good effort to fight with world hunger and starvation but on the other hand, nothing the large groups do is in favor of the poor or developing economies. The stance you take on the subject completely depends upon you and your preferences. You may or may not be in favor of GMO and you have to support your stance with strong evidence and facts. Your audience will not believe something to be true or false only because you think so; you have to give them enough reason and authenticated information to believe so

Here are some topics to consider if you are going to write a high school research paper about GMO

  1. Are GMOS safe

  2. How to tell a difference between a cow eating GMO or organic feed

  3. Is there any difference in the nutrients of livestock who eat GMO feed as compared to organic

  4. Is GMO causing the death of butterflies and bees

  5. How do GMO owners control farming and involve in land grabbing

  6. All GMO products should have a clear label on them in all states and countries

  7. Inadequate testing and regulations on GM foods

  8. Will GMO contribute towards a healthier and happier world

  9. GMOs are environment friendly because they use less fossil fuels for less plowing and processing

  10. GMO helps us create desirable organisms and foods to suit our needs

  11. What agencies control and regulate the GM produced foods

  12. How are GM foods created

  13. Is GM industry an intervention in the God’s work and wrong as per religion